Have fun in Guangzhou: a feast for both palate and eyes


Guangzhou has extensive and profound culture which of course includes many wonderful cates. Now, foodies, let’s open the gate of the food paradise!

In Guangzhou, there are several Cantonese phrases you need to know: 

1. Say “老细” (lou sei) when you want to ask for the boss.

2. Say “唔该” (m goi) when you want to express “excuse me”.

3. Say “埋单” (mai dan) when you want to check out.

Since you have known how to use these three phrases, the next step is to enjoy your “food time”!

Foods in Guangzhou 

Drinking Morning Tea


A cup of tea together with dim sum opens a new day for you. 

The Cantonese love drinking morning tea. Tasting the fragrance of a pot of hot tea, reading newspaper and chatting with friends in the morning is common for the Cantonese. Every morning, they gather in a long-history tea house and order several plate of dim sum. They chat, they smile and they enjoy this moment.   

Double-skin milk pudding


Double-skin milk pudding is a famous Cantonese dessert which originated in Shunde, Foshan. Legend has it that this dessert was invented in 1850 by an old granny surnamed Dong who lived in Shunde. It is a smooth and sweet milk pudding with double skins, one on top and the other at the bottom. 


The first skin is formed during cooling the boiled milk and the other when cooling the cooked pudding. The dessert store famous for its double-skin milk pudding in Guangdong is called Nanxin and its counterparts in Shunde are Renxin and Minxin.

“Bamboo” noodles (jook-sing noodles)


“Bamboo” noodle is a traditional noodle dish of the Han nationality in Guangdong. “Jook-sing” refers to the bamboo log that makes the noodles. The noodle is made with eggs, traditionally made with duck egg, and is considered one of the rarer noodles in existence. 


The soup of the “Bamboo” noodles is made with fish, shrimp’s head and shells as well as pig bones, these makes the soup tasty. The wonton in the “Bamboo” noodles was made from 30% fat and 70% lean pork. The pork must be first well cut and then chopped into paste. Nowadays, some wontons we eat are made from shrimp or a mix of shrimp and pork.


Historically the chef rides a bamboo log to press the eggs, flour, and other ingredients together. This dish was filmed in the well-known Chinese documentary A Bite of China Season One, winning glory for the Cantonese cuisine. “Bamboo” noodles became popular during the early period of Republic of China. From 1905s to 1960s, people loved to feast on a bowl of “bamboo” noodles. Afterwards, the application of machinery has nearly made this technique disappear, and only a few restaurants in southern China, especially in Guangdong and Chinese Hong Kong, still maintain this way to make noodles.

Sampan rice porridge


Sampan rice porridge is a famous snack originated in Guangzhou, Guangdong. The rice porridge is cooked with fish fillets, deep fried peanuts and many other ingredients. Originally, some people living by Lizhiwan River sold this snack on boat. Rice porridge with crispy peanuts, small shrimps, fish fillets and soft sliced fried egg tastes sweet and aromatic, agreeable to any kind of people. You can enjoy the Guangdong-only sampan rice porridge either at a sidewalk restaurant or at a five-star hotel in this city.

Culture & Customs in Guangzhou

Cantonese Opera


It is one of the major categories in Chinese opera that you can’t miss in Guangdong. With unique singing and dancing style which only can be seen in Guangdong, performers will present you a feast for the eyes and ears.

New Year Flower Fair


On New Year’s days, people in Guangdong go to the New Year Flower Fair. This is a traditional Han’s activity that has been lasting for more than a thousand years, and it also represents Lingnan culture.

Scenic Spots in Guangzhou

Zhujiang New Town


If you want to seek romantic elements in Guangzhou, Zhujiang New Town will be the best choice for you. In here lies the landmark of Guangzhou—Canton Tower. When the night falls, you can view the city along the Pearl River by taking a cruise ship. Spend this romantic moment with your love one and enjoy the soft wind and the colorful lights.

Chimelong Resort


Why not relax yourself when you get tired of city life? Chimelong Safari Park is known as the best safari park in China, the largest safari park housing the most species in the world, and home to over 20,000 rare animals of over 500 different species, which includes 12 giant pandas, over 50 koalas, nearly 200 white tigers and many other endangered species. 


Besides, Chimelong Paradise supplies the most exiting equipment for both kids and adult. You can relax yourself and have fun in Chimelong Resort.

Conghua Hot Spring


Conghua Hot Spring is also known as “Lingnan’s No.1 Hot Spring”, not only because of its fascinating scenery but also its unique “sand bath”. People can dig a hole along the riverside randomly, and the hot spring will come out from the bottom of sand. You can adjust the warmth of the spring by mixing the cold spring water from the river.

With over a thousand years of history, Guangzhou forms its unique culture on food and customs. In Guangzhou, there are two things that people can’t miss : one is Cantonese cuisine, and the other is Cantonese culture. Therefore, let’s admire Guangzhou’s beauty and enjoy its cate!

Something you need to know:

In 2015, The Economist magazine released the Safe Cities Index which measured the relative level of safety of a diverse mix of the world’s leading cities. You know what? Guangzhou and Shenzhen were covered in the Index! So why not have fun in Guangzhou this year?

(By Monica & Misty)



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