Dongguan’s Keyuan Garden allures European photographers


Keyuan is one of the four famous ancient gardens in Guangdong. The unique charm of Keyuan captivated the delegation of European photographers during their visit in Dongguan on May 14. This is the third stop among their Guangdong tour. 


“I have been to Dongguan before, and visited many factories, Keyuan is totally different, I have never seen the sight of this kind in Dongguan”, said Hungarian photographer Kaplar Balazs. 


Meanwhile, Dost Maria, another photographer from Hungary, was impressed by Dongguan’s morning scene.


 “The morning of Dongguan is like a slowly awakening big city. I can feel people here slowly wake up, get to work, and fill into the rush of the big city.” 


 Maria  continued “I did good pictures in Keyuan garden. It’s like a break in between in the city. Inside it, people seem like forgetting the urban worries and pressure. And their eyes, their expressions tell me a lot, without even speaking to them”. 





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