European photographers to “capture” Guangdong story

When talking about Guangdong, people think of manufacturing and trading. Guangdong has much more than that. From May 11 to 18, 12 European photographers from Italy, Germany, France and Hungary will travel around Guangdong to tell its stories and beauty through their cameras.


“It is our pleasure and honor to be invited by Guangdong Government to join this journey. I have high expectations for this journey”, expressed Trizzino Lucio, a Italian photographer at the opening ceremony on May 11.


In the following 6 days, foreign photographers will be divided into 4 groups to experience Guangdong in light of culture, natural scenic, seashore, and economic development. 

DAY 1 

Flower City Square——GUANGZHOU


Flower City Square is located in the core area of the new city axis with a total construction area of 500,000 square meters, taking on a vase shape while overlooked. With large lawns and flowers as a background, the square has a floating island lake, boardwalk, large fountain, lighting plaza and other facilities. 


Funsens Nansha Overseas Products Direct Purchase and Experience Center——GUANGZHOU


Located in Nansha, Guangzhou, Area of Guangdong Free Trade Zone, Funsens offers cross border direct purchase service to domestic customers. The center was opened on May 1, which was seen as one of the many achievements after the Guangdong FTZ begins operation on April 21. The experience center offers thousands of overseas goods including foods, healthy products, milk powder, cosmetics, etc. 

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Xunliao Golden Bay——HUIZHOU


 Xunliao Golden Bay International Seashore Tourist Resort is situated on the Nianping Peninsula. With a coastline of 27 km, it is rated as a national AAAA tourist resort in May, 2010. Xunliao has always been famous for its "uniquely-shaped stones, clear water and white sands". It is known as "Animal-shaped Stone Park" "Green Jade" "Nature's Gift – platinum Sands" and "Oriental Hawaii".

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Mazu Temple——HUIZHOU


Tianhou Palace(also called Mazu Temple) locates at the middle of Huizhou Golden Bay, with an area of 51 thousand square meters. The worship of Mazu began in the Song dynasty. Mazu is widely worshiped in the coastal regions of China, and also in Taiwan and other places in East/Southeast Asia. Newly arrived immigrants often erected temples to her first, to give thanks for arriving safely.

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Qinghui Garden——FOSHAN


First built in the Ming Dynasty, Qinghui Garden is an ancient garden architecture of ethnic Han. The construction of the whole garden is exquisite with a compact structure. 

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Foshan Ancestral Temple (Zumiao) Museum——FOSHAN


Foshan Zumiao Museum is a folk museum featuring architecture of the Ming and Qing Dynasties and Foshan’s traditional culture. Inside the museum, there are: Zumiao Ancient Building Group, Confucius’ Temple, Huang Fei-hong Memorial Hall, Ye Wen Hall, etc. 

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Songshan LakeDONGGUAN


Situated inside the Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park, Songshan Lake Tourist Attraction boasts unique natural resources: 8 square kilometers of natural water, 42 kilometers of lake shoreline, pristine and densely forested hills surrounding the area, shadows of green trees dancing in the breeze.

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Keyuan Garden——DONGGUAN


As one of the four famous historic gardens in the Qing Dynasty in Guandong, Keyuan Garden was built in the 8th year of the Xianfeng Period by Zhang Jingxiu, a native of Guancheng. Spread around the garden’s 2,200 sq.mts are several Chinese pavilions of exquisite design.  

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to be continued...




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