Nansha Port


Nansha Port District comprises of Shazai Island, Xiaohu Island and Longxue Island, which are at the southern end of Guangzhou, it is the only deep-water wharf in the west of Pearl River Delta. At present, Nansha Port District has basically formed an industrial layout of container, automobile, food and petrochemical, with 50 berths in total (28  ten thousand-ton berths, 22 fifty thousand-ton berth). The total length of the coastline is 10,400 meters, with an expected capacity of 170 million tons and 9 million TEU for containers annually.


Currently, Guangzhou Port Group has 93 routes in total (including 52 foreign trade routes, 7 European routes in different directions, 6 American routes, 16 Southeast Asian routes, 16 African routes, 6 Middle East routes and 1 Australian route); Nansha Port District has now opened 72 liner routes (including 48 foreign trade and 24 domestic trade), and launched 46 "shuttle bus" sub-lines (30 foreign trade and 16 domestic trade).

In 2014, the throughput of Guangzhou Port achieved 500 million tons, and its volume of containers exceeded 16,626 million TEU. The overall throughput and container volume of Guangzhou Port thus respectively ranked the 4th, 5th in China and the 5th, 8th in the world.



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