Sino-Europe Urbanization Cooperation Demonstration Area (Foshan)

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Sino-Europe Urbanization Cooperation Demonstration Area/IC

Covering an area of 88 km2, Sino-Europe Urbanization Cooperation Demonstration Area (hereinafter referred as “the demonstration area) is located at the south-central Foshan. It is against Guangzhou in the east and  adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao in the south, enjoying an advantageous geographical location. Guangfo Subway  South Extension Line, Foshan Subway Line 3, Guangfojiangzhu (Guangzhou, Foshan, Jiangmen, Zhuhai) Intercity Light Rail, Guangfozhao (Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhaoqing) Intercity Light Rail, and bus routes all converge in the demonstration area. It only takes respectively 30 minutes, 10 minutes and less than an hour to reach the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou South Station, and any cities of Pearl River Delta from the transportation hub via Guangfo Ring Road (under construction).

The demonstration area is one of the two Sino-Europe Urbanization Cooperation Demonstration Areas which are approved and supported by Chinese government and government of European Countries. It plays an important role in realizing the coordinated development of Pearl River Delta cities. It is an important part of the “Powerful Center” strategy and the “Three-year Action Plan for Urban Upgrading” which were developed by Foshan Municipal Party Committee and government. It is one of the cores in the “Shunde Double Cores Driving Strategy”. Foshan Sino-German Industrial Services Zone which is the key development zone of the demonstration area covers an area of 26 km2. It is one of the six major cooperation platforms in Guandong Province. As a   promising Sino-German cooperative project, it is included into the Joint Declaration on Further Advancing Two-way Investment signed by Chinese and German governments. 

Based on the well-developed manufacturing industry of Foshan, the demonstration area focuses on the       development of modern service industry. It mainly brings in domestic and foreign industries concerning research and development, design, detection and authentication, technology transfer and service, information technology, new energy, new materials, bio-manufacturing, convention and exhibition, and professional training. It focuses on attracting high-tech European enterprises (especially SMEs) with bright market prospect and proprietary intellectual property right. Its goal is to become an international technology transfer and       transaction platform. 

As the first platform in Guangdong Province which conducts cooperation with European enterprises, the     demonstration area serves as an active intermediary to divert production section of relevant enterprises to   its neighboring regions while headquarters, research and development centers, design centers and sales centers are suggested to settle in the demonstration area. Besides, the demonstration area also share tax and administration fees with neighboring regions to achieve common development.



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