[World Book Day] Another ten coolest bookstores in Guangdong

April 23, 2015 marks the 20th World Book Day. In 1995 UNESCO designated this day to promote the appreciation of books all over the world. World Book Day is an important date for literature around the world.

We have introduced ten distinctive bookstores in Guangzhou for you. Now this special coverage reveals another ten coolest bookstores in other cities of Guangdong. 



La Vie Matérielle (Material Life Book Bar 物质生活书吧)

Established in August 2000, La Vie Matérielle (Material Life Book Bar) is one of the oldest independent bookstores in Shenzhen. The book bar is named after the book La Vie Matérielle written by Marguerite Duras, a French writer and film director. And the original intention of opening this book bar was exactly the implied meaning of the book, to offer spiritual enjoyment to the people in such a material society. It is not only a bookstore, but also a wine bar and coffee house for leisure and commercial activities. The owner of the bookstore used to be a radio host, and now she is a columnist and forum moderator for well-known magazines and newspapers. Due to the influence of the owner and the bookstore, many famous intellectuals and writers came here to hold a salon, such as Long Yingtai, Bai Xianyong, Ann Hui On-Wah, and Leung Man-tao. 

Tel.: 0755- 83669689

Add.: 8A, Building No. 1 of Block 1, Baihua Apartment, Baihua Second Road, Shenzhen 



Sisyphe Bookstore (西西弗书店)

In 1993, several bookworms with cultural spirit and dreams got together in Zunyi, Guizhou and founded a small bookstore with only 20 square meters. That was the first Sisyphe Bookstore. The name Sisyphe was derived from Greek mythology. For the last 20-something years, Sisyphe Bookstore has been committed to becoming an asserter and actor of cultural dream. Its service principle is “deposit the bag if it is too heavy , sit down if you are too tired, write it down if it is too expensive to buy, say it out loud if you have an opinion”, which is well-known to and praised by the readers. Sisyphe offers multi-layered high-quality books, professional store specification standard, comfortable and elegant reading environment, cultural style of unique taste, excellent service and rewarding cultural activities. 

Tel.: 13883998587 

Add.: Dongmen Branch, 5/F Huayun 1234 Space, Dongmen, Luohu District; MixCity Branch, 4/F Huayun MixCity, Luohu District; COCO Park Branch, 1/F COCO Park, Futian District; Garden City Center Branch, 3/F, Garden City Center, Nanshan District. 



Ozu Books (小津概念书房)

It’s an independent bookstore; it is active both online and offline; it pays great attention to the theme of movie; it sells mostly movie related books. That’s Ozu Books, a super cool bookstore located in Futian District. It provides a large number of culture and art books, free wifi, fine coffee, healthy food, classic music, movie salon, reading party, culture lecture, French salon and other kinds of culture and art activities. It warmly welcomes cooperation on literary and artistic activities, communication with the owner, selfie and photos taken in the bookstore and DIY coffee. It refuses making a racket, doodling on books, flushing no toilet after using, wearing shoes on tatami, throwing cigarette end at flowerpot, and photographing others without gaining permission. 

Tel.: 18823784809

Add.: B10, 1/F Tagen Fashion New World, intersection of Jingtian North No. 1 Street and Jingtian Road, Futian District 



Us Study (我们书房)

Us Study is a small bookstore with strong ambiance of literature and art. As soon as you open the door, you will be immersed in the rich scholarly atmosphere, which might give you the false impression of time travel. It feels like your personal study at home. You can sit there, relax, have a chat, drink some coffee or tea, and read a book, with privacy and comfort. There are many regular customers who come to the bookstore every now and then. Sometimes, salon, reading party or gathering are also held here. All in all, this is the perfect place for you to get rid of the noisy city life. 

Tel.: 13602512301

Add.: Room 401 Huafeng Building, No. 6006 Shennan Avenue, Futian District



Shangshu Bar (尚书吧)

Old books and red wine are what make Shangshu Bar a unique spiritual space. In this book bar, you can leaf through both precious old books with limited editions and collected books with writers’ autography. You can smoke in the smoking area, drink wine, lie on the couch, and read in whatever position you like. Established in 2006, Shangshu Bar has been definitely presenting something special for its customers; books, people, and wine are complementing each other in here. 

Tel.: 0755-23992129 

Business Hours: 10:00 am-2:00 am

Add.: C1000 South District, 1/F, Central Book Mall, Futian District



24 Hours Bookbar (24小时书吧)

A 24-hour bookstore is an altar lamp which burns day and night for the city culture. That’s exactly what 24 Hours Bookbar is. It is a spacious, modern, open, comfortable and elegant bookstore. It provides superior books at daytime and private space for reading at night. Sometimes, personal or group theme reading party, creative exhibition or writer’s lecture can also be found here. 

Tel.: 0755-23992088 

Business Hours: 24 hours 

Add.: West of the 2/F, Central Book Mall, Futian District





Boofee Study (博扉书房)

Boofee Study covers only 100 square meters with two stories. Downstair is bookstore and upstair teahouse & coffee house. It is a super nice place for reading, chatting and gathering. It is said that the coffee, simple meals and pastry are very special as well. 

Tel.: 0756-3311210

Business Hours: 11:00-22:00

Add.: Room 403, Building 4, Tangren Street, Tangjiawan, Zhuhai 





Lingyu Bookstore (凌宇书屋)

Located in Fenjiang Road, Lingyu Bookstore is the headquarters of a chain operation book distribution enterprise with individualized themes. The store impresses people with full-bodied book culture by its elegant decoration, crooked counter, spiral stair, simple and unsophisticated rattan chairs. Books are mainly about leisure life, children, investing and financing. Few professional books are sold here. There is a bar counter on the third floor where you can order a cup of coffee or soybean milk. It’s a true enjoyment drinking coffee and reading books in such a quiet and comfortable environment. 

Tel.: 0757-83320233

Add.: Room 203, No. 87 Fenjiang South Road, Foshan 




Careless Bookstore (粗心书馆)

At the east gate of Shantou University, there is a quiet courtyard, located at the foot of the Sangpu Mountain, near a temple and two rivers. There are several mango trees, pawpaw trees, and guava trees in the courtyard. Some stray cats and dogs are wandering around. Inside the house, books, paintings and musical instruments are placed everywhere. This is the Careless Bookstore. It is not for profit or fame, but to create a land of idyllic beauty for people to get away from noisy glitz. 

Tel.: 13592897179

Add.: No. 2 Nongmin Road, at the back door of Shantou University, Shantou  




The Thinkers Bookstore (思想者书店)

This is a bookstore hidden in a garage but widely known by the public. It offers various books, all kinds of magazines, and special discount. It has many fans and regular customers who visit the bookstore frequently and even make new friends here. Many people from other cities are attracted here by its reputation to buy their favorite books and meet friends. The style and atmosphere and the decoration of the store make it a perfect place for young people who love culture and arts to kill time, cast aside the confusion, and read a book while drinking a cup of coffee. Even though the bookstores are severely affected by ebooks and online bookstores, the boss said he wanted to keep running this store as long as he could. 

Tel.: 0769-22367986

Add.: At the left side of Yonghuating Mcdonald’s, No. 203 Dongcheng Avenue, Dongguan 




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