Participating the Fitness Program, Experiencing Foshan

Last Saturday, the hiking activity has been held in Foshan. The slogan of this activity was “Keeping going 50 kilometers, experiencing the beautiful Fohsan”. In next month, more hiking activities would be held in different districts of Foshan, so that more people can join into this fitness program. The host said, Foshan will promote more and more hiking route which can easy for citizen to experience the city upgraded. The Tourist Bureau of Foshan is also holding an activity which collecting the “most beautiful traveling routes in Foshan”. 


More than 15,000 people joined to the hiking activities last Saturday. The group started from Qiandeng Lake, and walked ahead to the China Euro Place. The full distance was 50 kilometers. The group crossed the core area of the Chancheng, Nanhai and the Foshan New Town. The hikers walked on the upgraded roads, saw the upgraded buildings and breathing the upgraded air. Thanks to the City Upgraded program, citizen could feel the city is more lovely than before. 



Rolf is a fifty-five years old German, he finished 50 kilemeters and was the second one to arrive the destination. He is a staff from Volkswagen (Shishan), and just arrived to Foshan for 6 weeks. He gave highly praise for the Foshan city. He said that Foshan is a very beautiful city and the air is also fresh. After the  hiking activity in the central Foshan, he loves Foshan so much now. The greenways in Foshan impressed him so much. 


HIKING ROUTE: (Boldface words are checkpoints)

Qiandenghu Lake--Guilan Road--Jihua Seventh Road--Hujing Road--Asian Arts Park--Lvjing Road--Lingnan Avenue--Dongping Bridge--Dongping Road--Fochen Bridge--Chencun River Bank--Yudai Park, Chencun--Nanchong Bridge--Lintou Bridge--Royal Orchid River Bank--Beijiao Tanzhou River Bank--Beijiao River Park--China Euro Place


Details of the route  or scan the code

The host would have more fitness activities in the near future. They would step up the promotion to invite the citizen to participate in the program. The participants can witness the result of the city upgraded and experiencing the lovely Foshan. 

“Hiking is just the beginning of the city-wide fitness program. In the future, they would organize jogging or bicycling or any kind else of activities. Perhaps, the “hiking and experiencing upgraded city” would be a new name card of the Foshan city. The host expressed,the city-wide fitness program would be continued and hopes to make it as a unique brand of Foshan.

Except the hiking and the other fitness program, the Tourist bureau is collecting the “most beautiful traveling route of Foshan”, and would promote more trips. After selecting by the experts, citizen can vote for their favorite traveling route. 



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