[World Book Day] Ten distinctive bookstores in Guangzhou

April 23, 2015 marks the 20th World Book Day. In 1995 UNESCO designated this day to promote the appreciation of books all over the world. World Book Day is an important date for literature around the world.

Today, books with the bookstores could be endowed with different ‘personality’. This special coverage reveals those distinctive bookstores in Guangzhou.

Most elegant

Tang Ning Bookstore (唐宁书店)

Tang Ning Bookstore is one of the landmarks of Guangzhou bookstores. It sells different kinds of books which are also very unique, with all kinds of original designs. All the shop assistants wear Tang suit uniforms, and there are high class music and regular activities for you to enjoy as well.

Tel.: 020-38773475

Add.: No. 35 Huale Road Yuexiu District / No. 233 Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District


Most eccentric

Borges Libreria Bookstore (博尔赫斯书店)

This is an old-brand cultural bookstore of character: it pays no attention to the profit, thinks little of the trend, but attaches importance only to the pure thoughts, words and art. Most of the books are originals or translated copies from minority literature schools or about experimental art and philosophy interviews. It’s not only a small bookstore, but also a cultural space with its own attitude and expression.

Yile Road Branch

Add.: Near Xingang West Road, 2/F No. 95 Yile Road, Haizhu District

Changxing Street Branch

Add.: No. 7 Changxing Street, behind Xindaxin Department Store, Zhongshan Fifth Road, Yuexiu District


Most secret

Red Book Shop (红书店)

Red Book Shop is a base area for young people who love culture and arts. It is also a secret garden presenting the non-mainstream art and avantgarde ideas of city youth subculture. It offers all kinds of things related to “red”, revolution, youth and passion, such as non-mainstream journals and music, art books, cutting-edge novels, art films, CDs, newly designed posters, postcards and album covers. It is called Red Book Shop because all the goods shelves are red. It has the style of rock and roll with iron sheet cigarette cases on the glass door which looks really weird. However, do not go there in the morning, because it only opens at 3:00 in the afternoon.

Tel.: 13808822347

Add.: No. 122 street shop, Xin’an Building, No. 229 Jiangnan Middle Avenue, Haizhu District

红书店 3_副本_副本.jpg

Most ‘lacking’

Chet’s Books & Gifts (缺书店)

The bookstore names itself as “the Lacking Bookstore” but it lacks nothing. Chet’s is poetic, cozy, and entertaining. There are tons of fascinating design magazines, humanity and art books, original books from Hong Kong, Taiwan and foreign countries. Good movies and pleasing music can also be found here. You can sit in the blue sofa in the middle of the store and enjoy reading leisurely. There are also many small and special objects for you to rummaging through.

Tel: 020-38803060

Add.: No.413, Tianhe North Road, Tianhe District 

CHET's BOOKS1_副本.jpg

Most restless

1200 bookshop

24-hour bookstore is a new phenomenon, springing up in various cities throughout China, and becoming fashionable and artistic dating places for young people. 1200bookshop is the first 24 hours bookstore in Guangzhou, lighting up a late-night light for the city. Located in Tianyu East Road, Tianhe District, 1200bookshop covers 150 square meters with kitchen, washroom, bar counter, bookcases, reading areas, leisure areas with sofas, etc. It sells books, coffee as well as simple meals. Therefore, you can come here to read and buy books at night, or stay here for the night and have a rest in the backpacker reading section if you are a backpacker in town.

Tianyu East Road Branch

Tel.: 020-85260827

Add.: No. 27 Tiyu East Road, Tianhe District

Wushan Branch

Tel.: 020-37305220

Add.: No. 103-104 Building A, Wushan Tech Plaza, at the front gate of South China University of Technology, Tianhe District


Most ‘pretentious’

Fang Suo Commune (方所书店)

Originally, it is a unique and perfect cultural combination of bookstore, esthetical life store, coffee house, art gallery and exceptive clothing store. As it is a “home” with a combination of knowledge, beauty-appreciation and life, it attracts many artists and talents to give lectures. As time passes, many people come here to prove they are tasteful, thus youngsters call this group of people ‘pretentious’ (‘Drunbility’ in Chinglish).

Tel.: 020-38682327

Add.: MU floor, Taikoo Hui, No.388 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

方所书店 04_副本.jpg

Most HK-Style

UN Book Store (联合书店)

UN Book Store is the first wholly-owned bookstore opened in Mainland China by HK Sino United Publishing (Holdings) Limited. It is a comprehensive bookstore seated in a building of six stories. Its orientation and management idea is “humanity, art, quality life”, so the bookstore is full of vitality and humanistic atmosphere. It’s also a bookstore with strong modern sense.

Tel.: 020-83306987

Add.: No. 314 Beijing Road, Yuexiu District


Most creative

SDC 360 (概念三度)

SDC 360, aka Sandu Concept, is a store offering books, products, coffee and communication. The whole store has strong and clean linear sense with bright light. The books are mainly about humanity and mentality. Of course there are also designs books, and books from Hong Kong and Taiwan. A wide range of creative products can also be found here, and they are all original.

Tel.: 020-34344887

Add.: Shop No. 17, No. 255 Jiangnan Middle Avenue, Haizhu District


The biggest

Guangzhou Book Center (广州购书中心)

It is hailed as the No. 1 Bookstore in China; it is a large retail enterprise of books founded on November 23, 1994; it has an annual sales of 380,000,000 yuan, ranking No. 2 among all the book centers in China; it covers more than 18,000 square kilometers and offers over 300,000 kinds of products including books, audiovisual products, E-journals and cultural goods; it also houses fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, optical shops, piano shops, art galleries, sports shops, job hiring and training institutions, etc. It is the Guangzhou Book Center, one of a kind in Guangzhou, even in Guangdong.

New Page is a foreign language bookstore located at the fourth floor of the center, mainly selling foreign language books of course. There are foreign novels, children’s books, biography, test books, and inspirational books.

Tel.: 400-886-4208

Add.: No. 123 Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou


Most multifunctional

XOOYO Bookstore (学而优书店)

XOOYO Bookstore offers you high quality books as well as elaborately designed reading space. It has been one of the largest and most academic bookstores in Guangzhou since it was founded in 1994. There is also coffee house and multifunctional conference hall, and the color of each section is different.

Xingang Branch

Tel.: 020-89023813

Add.: No. 93 Xingang West Road, Haizhu District

Dongfeng Branch

Tel.: 020-37627365

Add.: No. 731 Dongfeng East Road, Yuexiu District

Beijing Road Branch

Tel.: 020-83311821

Add.: West side of the Xindaxin Department Store, No. 5-7 Changxing Street, Zhongshan Fifth Road, Yuexiu District

Tongshufang Branch

Tel.: 020-37857215

Add.: Guangzhou Children’s Palace, No. 273 Huajiu Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District

Guangdong Museum Branch

Tel.: 020-38046824

Add.: 2/F Guangdong Museum, No. 2 Zhujiang East Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District

Times Museum Branch

Add.: 1/F Times Museum, No. 151 Huangbian North Road, Baiyun District


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