Happy Goldoni concluded Italian Language Week

After a week of wonderful Italian language and culture activities, the 15th World Italian Language Week in Guangzhou concluded with a fascinating theatrical performance “Happy Goldoni” at EMG Gallery in Redtory on the afternoon of Oct. 24. 

As the grand finale of the Italian Language Week, the theatrical performance “Happy Goldoni” lived up to expectations. Several chosen dialogues and monologues were staged by renown actress Mercedes Martini and double and electric bass player Riccardo Barbera, with the aim of introducing the audiences to Italian theater par excellence Carlo Goldoni’s works and the characters that live in them. 


Mercedes Martini and Riccardo Barbera perform on stage. [Photo by Newsgd.com/Monica]

Mercedes Martini, as the mainstay of the whole performance, totally dominated the stage and presented more than 15 characters within about an hour. She played two roles or even three roles at the same time, switching between butler and maid, father and daughter, boyfriend and girlfriend, servant and two masters, etc. With the help of costumes, hats, masks, and other props, she switched parts freely to unfold the charm of theatrical performance before the audiences’ eyes. 

Carol Chen, a sophomore majoring in Italian at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS), told the reporter that she loved the Italian theatrical performance very much. She said, compared with comprehensive dramatic local opera, “Happy Goldoni” is simpler with only one actress and one accompanist; however, the actress played a dozen roles herself, highlighting the story line and her acting skills, and the accompaniment went really well with the twists and turns of the plot. 

World Italian Language Week: a glance of Italian contemporary art

Although there were only two venues, seven days, and ten activities, the 15th World Italian Language Week offered an Italian cultural feast to the locals, covering Italian films, music, book and theater. “Hopefully we have provided the audiences with a glance of what Italy is able to do in contemporary art,” said Ms. Laura Egoli, Consul General of Italy in Guangzhou, at the closing ceremony of the event at EMG Gallery on the same evening. 


Ivano Fossati introduces his new book 335 at the event. [Photo by Newsgd.com/Monica]

Apart from the Italians living in Guangzhou and Italian culture lovers, dozens of Italian majors from GDUFS attended all the activities of the Language Week, including an Italian translation competition, and they highly appreciated it. 

Chen Qiaozhe, an Italian major sophomore from GDUFS, said, “It is a splendid event; we Italian majors can learn more about Italian and Italian culture through these activities. I enjoyed watching the Italian movies very much, for I can get to know about Italian life, food, customs, culture, etc. It’s much better than attending a lecture.” 


Audiences at the scence of the event. [Photo by Newsgd.com/Monica]

More cultural exchanges between Guangdong and Italy to come

About ten days ago (Oct. 15- 19), “Guangdong Week” was held successfully at Expo Milano, and large number of visitors thronged into the China Pavilion to get a glimpse of Guangdong’s glamour. Likewise, the World Italian Language Week held in Guangzhou also amazed the city with Italy’s charm. 

Although Italy and Guangdong have been cooperating with each other more closely, more cultural exchanges between the two regions are still expected to introduce the two regions to each other. 

Romeo Mattia, a wellknown Italian entertainer who has been living in Guangdong for about ten years, told the reporter, “People in Italy only know very little of Guangdong, vice versa. Therefore, different kinds of cultural exchange events are still needed to offer the people different aspects of the other region. I think cross-over exchanges between the unique cultures in Guangdong and Italy will produce better results, such as Cantonese cuisine and Italian delicacies, Cantonese opera and Italian opera, etc.”

Liu Xinwei, classmate of Carol and Qiaozhe, believed that cultural exchange activities play an important part in helping people to know more about the other countries, and these activities include language week, culture salon, culture exhibition, etc. 

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