Eight Wonderful Places for Hiking in Guangzhou

Hiking is highly beneficial to your health, and if you pick the right place, it also can treat your eyes to some fantastic views. The weather is perfect for hiking these days. Let’s see where to find some of the best hiking spots in the city. 

Biayun Mountain|白云山 

Where: 163, Yunquan Road 

Located in the downtown area, Baiyun Mountain is the most visited one with over 30 peaks in the area. The highest peak, Moxing Ridge, stands in the center of Baiyun Mountain, measuring 382 meters in altitude. 

Yuexiu Mountain|越秀山 

Where: Yuexiu Park, Jiefang North Road 

Home to the Guangzhou Museum and the Five Rams Sculpture, Yuexiu Mountain is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. If you can speak some Cantonese, go chat with the seniors on the mountain, who are the regular visitors here. You may learn some fun stories from the city’s past. 

Huolushan Mountain|火炉山 

Where: Huolushan Forest Park, Huaguan Road, Wushan region 

This place seems to be popular among Guangzhou hikers of various ages. Together with the other hills and a botanical garden around the mountain, this area is so green and fresh that it can lift the spirits of those who come to visit. Down from the mountain are quite a number of restaurants where you can sample local food. 

Maofengshan Mountain|帽峰山 

Where: Maofengshan Forest Park, Huanan Express 

This mountain is 100 meters higher than Baiyun Mountain. It also is relatively steep. So it may be a challenge for inexperienced hikers. 

Lianhua Mountain|莲花山 

Where: Lianhua Mountain Tourism Scenic Area, Shilou, Panyu 

It won’t take too much strength to wander around here, as the height of the main peak is only about 108 meters. It was a quarry in the old days, and it is hailed as a masterpiece made by manpower after hundreds of years of exploitation. 

Huangshanlu Mountaim|黄山鲁 

Where: Huangshanlu Forest Park, Nansha 

With an area of 1,200 square meters, it is the city’s largest free forest park. It also is a bird paradise. As the cooler air approaches, you might see a huge flock of birds flying south here, as this is one of their habitats. Hikers can have a more rustic experience here. 

Tiantangding Mountain|天堂顶 

Where: Conghua Shimen Forest Park 

The peak of Tiantangding measures 1,210 meters in altitude, the highest in the city. Over 80 kilometers from downtown Guangzhou, the mountain has lower temperatures in cold days than other places, so here is one of the few places in Guangzhou here you can see snow and ice in winter. 

Wangzishan Mountain|王子山 

Where: Prince Mountain Forest Park (or Wangzishan Forest Park), Huadu 

This may be the most pristine mountain of all with an abundance of lush green plants. It is also a place for outdoor exploration, as some areas have avoided exploitation and development. You can explore this mountain like a real adventurer.



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