Piazza - A cozy pizza house for sharing love

Piazza - A cozy pizza house for sharing love
Piazza - A cozy pizza house for sharing love
Piazza - A cozy pizza house for sharing love
Piazza - A cozy pizza house for sharing love
Piazza - A cozy pizza house for sharing love
Piazza - A cozy pizza house for sharing love
Piazza - A cozy pizza house for sharing love
Piazza - A cozy pizza house for sharing love
Piazza - A cozy pizza house for sharing love

Canton Tower, IFC, East Tower… Yes, it is all these things, but Zhujiang New Town also has something cozy to offer among those bunches of skyscrapers. Piazza stands in a hallway of restaurants at the 8th floor of the Happy Valley Mall, Machang Road. Instead of electronics peddles and doors—the very symbol of an independent space, it provides opened and fresh atmosphere.

Expand the Love of Pizza


“The intention of opening Piazza is to expand my love for pizza”, said Sevag Baroudjian, who owns 7 restaurants in Guangzhou.

Here is the little thing. The head chef of Piazza is Sevag’s mother, who is working in La Marina, another restaurant in Guangzhou. It is she who created the dishes and taught everybody from the beginning.

“She has been cooking for many years, actually for me, because I love food. She takes everything into a personal way and always finds a solution to change the dishes. ”

A mother’s great care to her child is common, and between La Marina and Sevag, the media for love transmission is food or pizza more specifically. However, that’s still not the whole story for expanding love of pizza.

“All my family opens pizza restaurants. Before opening the restaurants, I don’t have that much experience let’s say. However, I worked a lot in my country in my uncle’s pizza restaurant and also because of my partner. My partner was my cousin, as well has restaurants, so we are in the pizza business.”

For the share of love, it is not only for the restaurant – customer relationship, but also means the love of a Pizza family passing from the west of Europe to the south of China.

Experiencing the Europe 


When having the first look at the restaurant, one thing impressed me is its borderless. Nearly everything is opened.

The space is opened, with no doors or windows. The kitchen is opened, so if interested, customers can watch the whole process of how the pizzas they ordered are made.

“The pizza is also a little different. The ingredients are almost the same, but here we make the pizza with hand. So it changes a little bit of the taste.”

“The shape of the pizza is not perfectly round, but the taste of it is good enough to tantalize the palate.”

Dining in this opened restaurant, the atmosphere would make you feel relaxed.

“Actually you can find this type of restaurant everywhere in Europe. I would like people to experience what we eat in Europe, what we eat in France and in Italy.” 

Pizza to taste the flavor of four seasons

Pizza is definitely the iconic thing in this restaurant. The following are two must-tries in the restaurants.


At first is the Four Seasons Pizza. It is named so because of its four different toppings, French white ham, mushroom, black olives, and artichoke, which marked the key color for the specific season. Other ingredients include tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. In this pizza, four different flavors are separated in each quarter for the sake of people who don’t like to mix all the ingredients together.


Another is the Durian Pizza, created by the founder Sevag Baroudjian under his own idea of adding another fruit pizza to the menu, which is one of the very popular dishes in Piazza now. This Durian Pizza has very fresh durian, a lot of cheese on the top, and a little bit tomato sauce. “It’s actually a very simple pizza, but the mix between the cheese and the durian is very unique.” said Sevag.

More details: 

Address: 8/F, Happy Valley Mall, No. 36 Machang Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Phone: 020-38098235


Starters: Grill Vegetables, Chicken Wings, French Fries; 

Salads: Tuna Salad, Fruit Salad; 

Pizza: Parma Ham, Hawaiian, Meat Lovers, Sea Food; 

Pasta: Sea Food Spaghetti, Lasagna

Main course: Chicken Curry Rice, Beef Fillet

Dessert: Banana Split, 3 Temptations



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