Terraced fields in Guangdong: only magnificent views, no crowds

Terraced fields in Guangdong: only magnificent views, no crowds
Terraced fields in Guangdong: only magnificent views, no crowds
Terraced fields in Guangdong: only magnificent views, no crowds
Terraced fields in Guangdong: only magnificent views, no crowds
Terraced fields in Guangdong: only magnificent views, no crowds
Terraced fields in Guangdong: only magnificent views, no crowds

Terraced field plays an important part in Chinese agriculture. With fantastic and fairyland like scenery, they has also become the favorite destination for both photographers and visitors. Autumn is the optimum season for visiting terraced fields. Here are six graceful and beautiful terraced fields in Guangdong. Isn’t this one of your best choice of spending the National Day holiday? 

What to see in terraced field? 

The view of terraced fields changes over time. In Spring when people start farming, the terraced field looks life a mirror. Reflection of rosy clouds and blue sky make the terraced fields colorful. In Autumn when the grain is ripe, the rice terraced fields turn to a golden sea. In winter, sea of clouds around the terraced fields is definitely the most attractive view. 

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1.Bring more clothes, for the temperature in mountainous area is lower than that in the city. 

2.Check the weather report before you go, a sunny day is the best time for visiting terraced fields.

3.Be careful when walking around the fields, for there is water in the field most of the time. 

4.Bring your camera to take pictures of the beautiful views. 


Oujia Terraced Field: the largest terraced field in Guangdong

Oujia Terraced Field is located in Oujia Village, Taibao Town, Lianshan County, Qingyuan. It is at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains, the highest mountain in Lianshan County. The field stretches for nearly 3,000 meters, like the letter M, spreading around Oujia Village. Oujia It has been developed into a tourist attraction, and many households run farmhouses sand home inns, so visitors can have a taste of authentic green farm food there. 

梯田看点.webp (1)_副本.jpg

Address in Chinese: 清远市连山县太保镇欧家村

Self-driving: Guangzhou — Guangqing Expressway — Qinglian Expressway (Liannan / Lianshan Exit) — Longkou Bridge — G323 National Road — Taibao Town — 807 Village Road — Oujia Village (about 260 km, 4 hours)

Heishan Terraced Field: it’s next to the Oujia Terraced Field

Actually, Heishan Terraced Field is at the back of the Great Smoky Mountains. Most visitors go there for the Oujia Terraced Field, but villagers in Heishan Village say many tourists from Hong Kong go to visit Heishan Terraced Field every year. Visitors can stay in the villagers’ houses, and enjoy authentic local delicacies too. 


Address in Chinese: 清远市连山县太保镇黑山村

Self-driving: the same as above


Fuxi Terraced Field: terraced field, bamboo forest, and ancient village 

Fuxi Terraced Field is located in Sheli Village, Fuxi Town, Renhua County, Shaoguan. Walk around the mountains, you can encounter terraced fields here and there. There are also beautiful bamboo forests, an ancient village, and spectacular waterfalls. After the Mid-Autumn Festival, golden terraced fields are the highlight of the area. 


Address in Chinese: 韶关市仁化县扶溪镇蛇离村

Self-driving: Shaoguan — Renhua — S246 / y007 Provincial Road — Fuxi Town — Sheli Village (about 8 km)

Wushan Terraced Field: bamboo forest, waterfall and alpine rose 

Wushan Terraced Field is situated in Shixia Village, Wushan Town, Lechang County, Shaoguan. It’s near the S247 Provincial Road, with convenient transportation. Walk along the road, terraced fields can be found everywhere. Go up the mountain, you can see the panorama of the terraced fields. There are bamboo forests, waterfalls and alpine roses near the fields. The scenery is a real feast for the eyes. 


Address in Chinese: 韶关市乐昌县五山镇石下村上黎家小村

Self-driving: Shaoguan — Lechang County — Wushan Town — S247 Provincial Road — Shixia Village


Jiaofeng Terraced Field: it’s the farmer’s lifeblood

Located in Jiaofeng Village, Duozhu Town, Jiaofeng Terraced Field covers only more than 80 mu (about 13 acres), but it is the major income source for the local farmers. The terraced fields are built into the hillsides, and look like ribbons as they wind round the contours in tiered bands. Mountain creeks in the valley are the water source for the irrigation of the terraced fields. This kind of ingenious irrigation method makes the best use of the water resources in the mountainous area. In here, the terraced field is a piece of magnificent art on land and reveals the diligence and wisdom of the local people. 


Address in Chinese: 惠州市惠东县多祝镇角峰村

Self-driving: Huizhou — Huidong County — S356 Provincial Road —Y712 Village Road — Jiaofeng Village


Pingshan Terraced Field: the only terraced field with admission fee

Situated in Pingshan Village, Dapu County, Pingshan Terraced Field is the only terraced field scenic spot with admission fee in Guangdong. However, because of that, all the tourist facilities are well-equipped here. Visitors can enjoy their trip without worrying about where to stay or what to eat. 

With a history of about 600 hundred years, Pingshan Terraced Field dates back to the end of the Yuan Dynasty. At the foot of the terraced fields are the intact ancient houses. As a scenic spot, Pingshan Terraced Field offers some of the most fantastic sceneries among all the terraced fields in Guangdong. In October, visitors can enjoy the jubilant view of farmers having a good harvest. 

惠州角峰梯田.webp (1).jpg

Address in Chinese: 梅州市大埔镇坪山村

Self-driving: Meizhou — Dapu County — Dadong Town — Pingshan Village

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