Top 5 Most Enchanting Islands for the National Day Holiday in Guangdong

Islands are the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In the National Day holiday, they are your best destination in this beautiful season. Here are five of the most enchanting islands in Guangdong. You don’t want to miss them. 


Nan’ao Island: you can discover “gold” here

The highlight of Nan’ao Island is its soft golden beach. It stretches over 2400 meters and reaches out over 100 meters to the sea with a gentle slope and pure sands. This is one of the two level-A bathing beaches in Guangdong Province. 

There are many other attractions in Nan’ao Island, such as “Zongbing Fu”, or Former General Commander's Office. The Guolao Mountain Range in the eastern part of the island boasts the largest island wind farm in Asia with magnificent windmills. Visitors can also go visit the Xiongzhen Pass, the “Treasure Island” with an unsolved thousand-year mystery about hidden gold, the Changshan Artillery Battery and other attractions. 

Location: Nan’ao County, Shantou 

Admission: Free   


Fangji Island: an amusement world for all

Fangji Island is located on the golden ship route from the Pearl River Delta Region, Hong Kong and Macao to Hainan Island. It got its name from a beautiful legend. The island is covered in lush green forests and surrounded by crystal clear sea water with typical island attractiveness. You can go fishing by the seaside, or dive into the sea, or sail far out on the sea. You will find different joy in each kind of entertainment.

Location: Cuihu Road, Bohe Town, Dianbai County, Maoming 

Admission: For adults (RMB 180 per ticket), for children (under 1.4 m, RMB 90 per ticket), for seniors (aged above 65, RMB 144 per ticket) 

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Hailing Island: Dajiao Bay Scenic Spot is the highlight

Dajiao Bay is located in southeast of Zhapo Town on the Hailing Island. It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and faces the boundless South Sea. The beach is 2.5 kilometers long and 100 meters wide. It is in the shape of ox horn, whence came the name of Dajiao Bay. It is the best known scenic spot on the Hailing Island. A mountain can’t be called beautiful without water and a peak can’t be charming without clouds. The bay enjoys gentle breeze and waves and the peaks are shrouded by clouds. Dajiao Bay has beautiful sunshine, soft beach, clear sea water, and fresh air—a good place for tourism and vacation.

Location: Southeast of Zhapo Town, Hailing Island, Yangjiang 

Admission: RMB 20 per adult 


Donghai Island: a beautiful “3S” scenery

Wouldn’t it be nice to bathe in the sunshine, frolic on the 28 km-long sand beach and then walk right into the embrace of the sea? Come to Donghai Island, home to a wealth of marine produce and beautiful “3S” (sunshine, sand beach and sea) scenery. The largest island in Guangdong and the fifth-largest island in China will promise you a unique experience of local fishing life and a wonderful time on the “Longest beach in China.”

Location: East of Donghai Island, Mazhang District, Zhanjiang

Admission: RMB 10 per ticket 


Chuan Island: the “Eastern Hawaii” 

Embraced by the South China Sea, Chuan Island is praised as “Eastern Hawaii” for its clear water, sand, and beautiful bay. Chuan Island is mainly composed of Shuangchuan Island, Xiachuan Island and numerous other islands. For those who in quest of peace, Shangchuan Island is your first choice. The island is famous for its precipitous mountains, bizarre rocks and surging waves. Here you will find rhesus monkeys playing in the thick forest. However, Xiachuan Island is characterized by charming bays as well as gentle landscapes. Numerous coconut palms decorate the charming beaches while the emerald waves lick the shore. Gorgeous sea views will give you the ultimate enjoyment and let you lost in Chuan Island.

Location: The middle east part of Shangchuan Island, Taishan, Jiangmen

Admission: RMB 30 per ticket

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