Top 8 Places to Watch the “Super Moon” at Mid-autumn Festival


  1. Baiyun Mountain----Traditional Lights & Flowers Fest

Climb up to the Baiyun Mountain, you can enjoy the night view of the whole Guangzhou. Every year, it would be very crowded on the peak of Baiyun Mountain at the Mid-autumn night. It is good for your families to taste fresh fruits and mooncakes there. 


Yuntai Garden, located at the entrance of the Baiyun Mountain, would host a Mid-autumn fest with 5 large flora lights this year. 


2. Canton Tower Bubble Tram----The Best City View

Bubble Tram encircles at the top of the tower at 455 meters high and is the world’s highest horizontal ferris wheel. It consists of 16 crystal sightseeing spherical cabins rotating smoothly along the track which is 15 degrees slant to the main structure. Visitors can enjoy the panoramic city view of Guangzhou.


3. Pearl River Cruise---Enjoy the Moon on the Pearl River

When the night falls, the Pearl River and the architectural complexes on the banks will be lightened by colorful neon lights and creates a charming night scene. Cruising along the Pearl River is a good choice to enjoy the moon and the lights. 



4.Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park---Best Place for Praying

Blessed with beautiful scenery, it is titled “Holy place of South China and the Secret Territory of Hundred Canton” and granted as “Top Ten Leisure Area in China”. The altitude of Guanyin Mountain is 566 meter. When you climb up the mountain with your family or friends, you can bird-view the Dongguan City. In the moonlight, facing to the Guanyin, it is the best place and the best time for you to pray for you and your family.


This year, the Guanyin Temple would hold a praying event at the mid-autumn night. At that time, visitors would have chances to ring the grand bell. In the traditional custom, ringing the bell would bring the good luck to you and your families. The Guanyin Temple would also offer the vegetarian mooncake.  


5. Guangdong First Peak----The Closest Place to the Moon

Guangdong First Peak is located at the juncture of Lingnan National Forest Park and Hunan Mangshan National Forest Park. Here is a good place for camping or panic. It has the remarkable diversity of rare flora and fauna in the large virgin forest; the spectacular karst landform; the hot mineral springs scattering around. Shikengkong—the highest peak in Guangdong Province standing at 1,902 meters above the sea level. In Guangdong, here is the closest place to the moon. 


6. Xiqiao Mountain----Best Place to Enjoy Traditional Custom

Xiqiao Mountain, one of the four famous mountains of Guangdong province, is a 40-50-million-year-old dormant volcano. Imagine local people perform Kongfu near the jade-like Sky Lake, with a full moon in the sky, it is not a movie, it is real! 

Don’t forget to walk around the Guanyin sculpture for three times, your wish might come true in the coming year! 


7. Danxia Mountain Scenic Area---Best Place for Photographers

Tranquil ambience, splendid scenery and fresh air. It has 680 various stone peaks. The numerous stones and peaks are rhythmically interspersed among the scenic spot, making it a sculpture garden of red sandstone rocks. At the Mid-Autumn festival, moonlight will shine on the top of the mountain. Photographers can shoot the moon from different angles at the same time with different stones. Moreover, the mountain is far away from urban Shaoguan, photographers will not be bothered by the manmade lightings.



8. The Balcony or Garden of Your Home----The Warmest Place

Staying at the home with parents, grandparents or children would be the happiest moment for everybody. Just walk out to your balcony or garden, you can enjoy the full moon. It is time to put your cell phone away and have fun with your families.




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