Longgang: Home of Dragon Dance

Longgang: Home of Dragon Dance

City: Shenzhen

About: Longgang District in Shenzhen is known for dragon (the pronunciation of dragon in Chinese is Long) and is also known as “the home of dragon” home and abroad. Hakka People living in Longgang have always held the dragon as a symbol of auspiciousness. Dragon dance, lion dance and kylin dance have been passed down as traditional custom in festivals and days of ceremonies to add to the jolly and festive atmosphere.

Dragon dance dates back to 300 years ago as a civil art activity with distinct local culture. Dragon culture is also well-developed thanks to this art form. Dragon themed parks, plazas and statues are mushrooming. The only dragon-themed tourist resort in China is built in Longgang District with a total investment of RMB 100 million. Our dragon dance troupes often stage performances overseas, such as the U.S. and Canada. The dragon dance, lion dance and kylin dance troupes accounts to a total of 55. Regular participants amounts to 960 people. On average, they hold events on 130 days in a year and stage 100 dragon dances a year.



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