Weddings of Fishermen in Daya Bay

Weddings of Fishermen in Daya Bay

City: Shenzhen

About: The weddings of fishermen in Daya Bay are held on the sea – two fishing ships pasted with big character “Xi” meaning rejoicing and decorated with colored flags ride the tide and beat the current. Twenty women stand in line along the ship’s rails. They wear red hair ribbons, golden hair clasps and silver hair pins. They are dressed in blue blouses and black trousers. In the sound of firecrackers, gongs and drums, they paddle, standing on bare feet, to the rhythm of drums and shout out loud. On the top floor of the ship, lion dancing is performed to the rhythm of the drums. This is the wedding custom once popular among fishermen in Daya Bay.
This custom has been going for 200 years. Though the reform and opening-up has greatly transformed the look of fishing villages in Daya Bay, the customs of fishermen is still well-kept. Today, cultural performances based on the wedding custom are staged here, attracting numerous tourists including those from Hong Kong, Macao and abroad.



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