Dragon Burning

Dragon Burning

City: Jieyang

About: Jieyang Dragon Burning has become an important activity around this area. According to customs, the dragon parade begins on the second day of the first month of the lunar calendar to celebrate the New Year and goes on till the dragon burning on the night of the tenth day of that month. On that night, the colorful dragon is filled with fireworks and is lifted up by a group of young strong men. When the fireworks of the dragon are lighted, with gongs clanging, drums beating and firecrackers spluttering, the bright colorful dragon moved by young men leaps and dances. Its mouth throws out a fire ball and its body erupts fireworks, which is quite spectacular. It’s still cold at this time of the year. But the young men who lift and dance the dragon only wear short pants with their body coated with oil (so that sparks are easier to slip off when falling on their bodies). The oily surface of their bodies reflect the fireworks and shines red, making the scene more spectacular.
It’s said that Dragon Burning is used to pray for favorable weather and good harvest.



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