Weilong House

Weilong House

City: Meizhou

About: The Hakka people, originated from central China bordering the Yellow River, migrated to the south and settled down in mountains due to wars and famine. Therefore, a saying goes like this: “if there are mountains, there will be Hakka, and there are no Hakka that doesn’t live in mountains.” Since they are “guests”, and not the original inhabitants of the region which they now occupy, they are named as Hakka. In order to defense against enemies and wild animals, Hakka people began building communal living structures, like Weilong House, Zouma House, Wufeng House, Shiwei House, Sijiao House, etc… Among these buildings, Weilong House, which is best preserved and world-famous, manifests the great feature of Hakka architectures.

The design and construction of Weilong House are of scientific, practical and ornamental features which reflect the delicate craftsmanship of Hakka people. It takes five or even ten years to build a Weilong House. A Weilong House is designed as a combined large fortress and multi-apartment building complex. It boasts bedrooms, kitchen, halls, well, henhouse, sty, toilets, and storages. A house can accommodate dozens or a hundred people who form a self-sufficient community.

The Weilong House of Meizhou City is considered as one of the five most distinctive folk dwelling houses of China along with Beijing's Courtyard, Shaanxi's Cave Dwellings, Guangxi’s Stilted House and Yunnan’s Yikeyin Dwellings. Nowadays, Weilong House has become a historical site and an unique landscape. Hundreds of Weilong Houses are preserved in Meizhou urban area and suburb within 40 kilometers.



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