Brick and stone sculpture

Brick and stone sculpture
Brick and stone sculpture

City: Foshan

About: Brick and stone sculpture is also one of the folk arts in Foshan which is mainly used for architectural decoration. Brick sculpture, stone sculpture, wood carving and ash plastering are architectural arts with a long history in China and were quite popular in architectural decoration in Pearl River Delta during the Ming and Qing Dynasty.

The memorial arch inside Majun Ancestral Hall in the Ancestral Temple Park was built in 1521 A.D. in Ming Dynasty and decorated with brick sculptures, stone sculptures and ash plastering artworks, and it is one of the earliest and best-preserved brick sculpture decorated artworks in Foshan.

In addition, there are still a large number of brick sculptures preserved in the Confucius Temple and Donghuali Stereet. Decorating courtyards and front porches with brick sculptures is quite common in Foshan and other places across the Pearl River Delta, and very popular in Nanhai, Shunde, Panyu Dongguan and other districts.

Brick sculpture in Foshan is known to be exquisite, multi- leveled, descriptive, dexterously and skillfully sculpted in relief (or full relief) and openwork carving, and coherent and encompassing in composition, which makes it highly decorative.



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