Foshan Wood Carving

Foshan Wood Carving

City: Foshan

About: The art of wood carving has a long history in China and is quite common all over the country. Foshan and Chaozhou are both famous for wood carving but differ in styles and applications of their products. Wood carvings in Foshan are bold and unconstrained and normally used for architectural decoration while those in Chaozhou are delicate and fine carved for collection.

Wood carvings can come in many different styles, such as hollowed-out, line carved and in relief, (shallow relief,high relief or multi-level high relief). There are also wood carvings of god figure and funerary wares. Foshan Ancestral Temple boasts quite a few vivid wood carvings of flowers, fowls and beasts, human figures and the like, all well-shaped, lifelike and easy on the eyes, displaying the distinctive features of Foshan wood carvings.

This specific art taps into the rich folk life and draws inspiration from legends, stories and traditional Chinese operas like “A Dream in Red Mansions”, “All men are brothers” and “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. With its craftsmanship improving, wood carving is proved to be a well-received folk art of great promise.



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